What is google question hub tool-(full detail)

hello everyone i hope you are fine. after a long time i am update this blog with cool article about to google question-hub tool . in this post i am mention about question-hub . what is this , how it is helpfull for a new blogger, how to get quick acces for this tool,  advantage and disadvantage of question-hub tool and many more question related to question hub. if you want to know answer of these question so this article/post is for you. so read till end this post .
What is google question hub tool
What is question hub.

google launch a new tool that name is question-hub . this tool is only for those publisher who is blogger and content writer this is not right now for youtuber , in future this tool may be work for youtuber. now this tool is in beta version i know about this tool in google search conference 2018 in july . google team officialy announce it in search conference 2018 . let know what is question-hub now you know this is a tool for blogger . this tool is used for find a keyword thats user want to know article or answer on your particuler niche .  let we try to understand its work by unique way. 
if you use google search for searching anything you have seen this box
in this area any user submit his qusetion if he not get any satisfied result. and question-hib tool collect these question category wise and share with publisher, 
now a publisher write a answer about his qusetion if he know and question comes his category .

advantage of question-hub 

there are many advantage of this tool first is this tool is easy to find a new title that mean what should we write on our niche . and you find easly what type of question are asked by user with filtered by awesome custom category and keywod. 

disadvantage of this tool 

there are know any disadvantage of this tool. there are only profit . but some bloggers says that we get low cpc on that keyword which is taken from question-hub . what truth reason behind it i don't know so don't focus on it.

how to get acces of question-hub tool

 you required to get acces for this tool is a google account and a blog ( if your blog language is hindi/hinglish and other indian language its better to comparision english . because this is prefer indian language specialy hindi  )
fill this form to get acces of this tool
Click here to get access form
How to get access of question hub
Fill on boarding form for get acessa
1.  email address :-  enter your email address ( you need  to this google account to login )

2. your name :- here enter your name not your blog/company name

3. organization's name :- hare enter your organization name or your blog name

4. domains you intend to publish with :-  here enter your domain name thats your blog url and in answer box you submit only that blog link which you proivide here. you can enter here several domain which is seperate by comma ( , )

5.  job function :- here you see 3 option writer/editor/journalist , webmaster and other. if you are a blogger than choose 1st option but if you not blogger choose next as you want.

6.  phone number :- enter here your phone number if you want , this is optioinal

7. now accept the terms and condition and privacy policy and press on submit button. 

after whitelist your mail you get a mail by question-hub

feature/option  details  
1. Add Question :- in this option you add your topic which you want to give answer of that question and that topic comes under your niche.
2. question :- here you see all question that asked by a user  category wise here you answer that question and reject it.
3. stared :- you see here your stared question, you can star any question that you wan to give answer of that question but not right now .
4. history :- here you see all history of that question you have answered and rejected and searches .
5. setting :- defenatly you what is this but i should mention about all feature which comes under setting that is langauge,country, quesion language , delete your activity and account and export your data.
6. send feedback  :--  after click on this option it is redirect on a compose mail where you gives feedback by wrote a mail .
If you have any query rekated to question hub comment bellow I must reply on your comment. Thank you. And don't forget to share this post with your Friends that not know about to question hub

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